Protective System & Strucrures

Protective Design and Material


Blast pressure mitigation    

– Aluminum foam panel
– Composite members for blast & impact
– Innovative material
– Dynamic properties of material

Blast and Impact Simulation


Protective design & analysis

– Steel and concrete design for blast loads
– FE analysis for blast & impact
– Assessment protective structures
– Design codes on protective structures
– Blast Door

Related research projects & publications


Research Project

2019 방폭설계 표준화 체계 연구

2016 방폭 및 방탄 설계기준

2014. 방호구조 설계기준

2011. 탄소배출 저감형 최적배합 공항포장시스템 개발 (나노 소재 및 초고성능 콘크리트 개발)

2011. 발포알루미늄의 재료모델 표준화 및 방폭구조 응용기술 개발

Journal papers

2019. “Effect of Strain Rate on Impact Behavior of Aluminum Foam”, KSCE Journal of Civil Engineering, 23(11): 4852-4863. DOI 10.1007/s12205-019-5827-8

2014. “Experiments on Blast Protective Systems using Aluminum Foam Panels”, KSCE Journal of Civil Engineering, 18(7): 2153-2161. 2014.11.

2013. “Pressure-impulse diagram of multi-layered aluminum foam panels under blast pressure”, Journal of Engineering Science and Technology, Vol. 8, Issue 3, June 2013, pp. 285-296.

2013. “Design of Protective structures with aluminum foam panels”, International Journal of Steel Structures,, March 2013, Vol 13, No 1, 1-10, DOI 10.1007/s13296-013-1001-1

2012. “Mitigation of Blast Effects on Protective Structures by Aluminum Foam Panels.” Metals 2, no. 2: 170-177. doi:10.3390/met2020170


1. 방호패널 및 이를 사용한 방호시스템 (Protection panel and protection system using the same)

2. 알루미늄 폼 패널과 콘크리트 판의 합성 방폭벽체, 그 시공방법 및 이를 이용한 방폭구조물 (Composite Wall using Aluminum Foam panel and Concrete Panel, and Constructing Method thereof, and Shield structures using such composite wall)

3. 충격흡수구조에 의하여 방폭 및 관통 방지 성능을 향상시킨 알루미늄 폼 패널 및 연결구조 (Aluminum Foam Panel and Connecting Structure thereof)

4. 충격흡수구조에 의하여 방폭 및 관통 방지 성능을 향상시킨 알루미늄 폼 패널을 이용한 콘크리트 합성 방폭벽체, 그 시공방법 및 방호구조물 (Composite Wall using Aluminum Foam Panel and Constructing Method thereof, and Shield Structure using such composite wall)

5. 방폭 패널, 방폭패널 어셈블리 및 이를 포함한 방폭 조립식 구조체 (Explosion-proof panel, explosion-proof panel connection assembly and explosion-proof modular structure including the same)